hello users of wordpress my name is escaily and this is my first post

Hi people out there my name is Celeste but you guys can call me Escaily.

I’m new at wordpress.

And I have no idea what I’m doing.

Seriously I don’t, today I was just browsing trough my cellphone for a decent blogging app when this thing popped up, so I decided to give it a try.

Things you need to know: I’m a 18yearold unemployed college freshman currently lost in a sea of “I don’t know where the heck my life is going”, a struggling writer on the side with tons of Ideas and little time to write everything down, living in a remote part of Venezuela inflicting cultural shock all places I go, I have a big family and not many friends but I still think I’m one hell of a lucky person so nice to meet you stranger.
Hope you stick around.

First of all I’ve never been one to go around blogging, I mean it, the things that happen in my head are usually so complex I would need a large notebook and a therapist to be able to write it all down, plus my grammar has a tendency to let’s just say “slide”, so the whole “sharing my hear out in the internet” has never been my thing.

I have a mother that could put to shame the whole cast of Criminal Minds, CSI and Lie To Me combined, (yes she is THAT bad) can you imagine what she would say if I started spewing garbage on this blog? Probably burst a vein and guilt trip me from here to Spain into deleting all internet trace of “shamefull behaviour”, seriously I’ve never been more nagged about since the day she got the twitter app on her Iphone and saw (aka disected with judging eyes) my every tweet since I created my twitter account, needless to say that my advice for you youngsters of the future is “never let you mother get a twitter”, gosh one thing is to be pestered about your every freaking post on facebook (which SHE drove me away from ever using again) but twitter is just ridiculous.

*reads the post so far* wow an entire paragraph complaining about my mother and it’s not even my seccond post, maybe on some subcouncious level I’m starting this blog to piss her off, don’t get me wrong I love my mother, but her detectivecidal tendencies can drive anyone to rebellion.

On other note, I’m an acconting student, which sounds but isn’t quite as boring as you might think, I like it a lot, it’s just simply not a carreer as an award winning writer that’s why I can’t fully love it. Nevertheless I hate to feel unusefull and just in case the whole “life long dream” of being a writer doesn’t work out, I have accounting as a fail safe.

So yeah, I have absolutly no idea what this blog is about, I’m pretty sure it will contain ranting on my part about everything and everyone, but other than that this thing I’m doing is totally unwritten..

Love Sky

this is me

this is me


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